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Having brought to you the opportunities of free blackjack in the US, we now turn our focus on the card games that players in India are able to enjoy. Our guide to Card Games in Indian Casinos takes a look at the current casino boom happening out there and sharing with our Indian readers what can be found within the optional Indian casino sites. We take a look at the services available, the gaming platforms like sports and live casino features. We look at the games like teen Patti live and live dealer blackjack.

Our guide is ideal for new players and those already with an experience that might be trying to look for a new online casino, in case their current is not providing all their entertainment needs.

Welcome to the casinos in India

India is currently going through a revolutionary period in gambling. No longer are the Indian casino establishments on the high street the only place for Indian players to play. Now, the internet is offering gambling entertainment in abundance.

We take a look at just part of this entertainment by looking at the available card games in Indian casinos. Under current law, certain card games deemed to be based on skill are currently banned from land-based casinos, like poker. Not online though!

Gambling laws in India permit players to venture online and enjoy the selection of games that are available. These features are presented in two forms, digital and live gaming. All modern casinos providing these two styles come with two separate platforms, the casino and the live casino.

The card games available cover everything you can imagine, from teen Patti online, to baccarat. If you do not know how to play these games, then rules and tools for learning can be found here at

Presenting the services of online casinos

If you have not played inside of an online casino before, then let us give you a brief overview of what you can expect from your average casino online.

First, the registration process is the same for all casinos, you submit your details and supply a photo ID and proof of address to complete your account.

In India, you must be 21-years or over to be able to legally gamble.

Once inside the casino, the first thing players do is set up their banking services. Now, for players in India, this is important because they must not use any service ties to the Reserve Bank as they will cease transactions with any casino ties. Players must use alternative online services like Skrill or Neteller that work like PayPal to handle their payments.

Inside the online casino, you have different gaming areas, digital gaming, like slots, live casino gaming where you play against other players and live dealers in real-time, then you also might have sports betting in the Indian casino where you can bet on and watch live cricket.

When it comes to the card games in Indian casinos, you will find blackjack online, baccarat, the teen Patti cash game, traditional poker, and also video poker. These card games will come with variants of the original game, so you have games like 3-card rummy, Las Vegas Strip Blackjack, Pontoon and so on.

Online casinos are accessible from any device. Currently, players tend to use mobile phones the most because of the ease of access that helps them to play no matter where they are.

If you win, payments are made in rupee currency, players can also claim bonuses if they are happy with the terms and conditions.

With online casinos, there are plenty of other games besides card gaming features. Casinos are a whole world of opportunity.

Introducing blackjack

One of the most popular card games is blackjack online. It was one of the first to instigate the casino industry and is pretty much a classic when it comes to its importance. Playing any variant of blackjack online can be done in both formats. Players can enjoy live dealer blackjack or standard RNG simulated blackjack games. These two are common throughout every Indian casino that you can join.

The rules of blackjack are extremely simple. Often new players are put off by card games, believing there is too much to learn, so they turn to slots or roulette instead. If you can count to 21, then you can play blackjack.

The game is all about trying to get as close to the total of 21 with your cards, without going over this.

Players are dealt two cards, from these cards, players can make three main moves to enhance their position in the game. You can HIT for more cards, you can DOUBLE DOWN to gain one card and increase the bet, or you can SPLIT the hand to form two pairs and play this way. As long as you do not go bust, you have a chance of beating the dealer. Blackjack holds the most favourable house edge of any casino game, giving the casino only a 1.48% favour over you. So, it’s pretty much 50/50.

Introducing teen patti online

The teen Patti cash game is what most Indian players will know of because the game is a traditional Indian card game. With teen Patti online, you can mainly play this as a live feature. Each Indian casino that hosts this as a live game presents it with a native-speaking host/dealer.

If you have not played teen Patti before, then the game is simple and based on the British poker game called 3-card brag. If you know the basics of poker, then playing teen Patti online will be of no issue.

The teen Patti cash game is another simple game to play. You will be dealt three cards and of this, you must try to form the strongest hand possible. There are about six different hands you can form, like having them all the same colour, or all the same suits. They can form consecutive sequences like 5, 6, and 7, or you can win by simply playing a high card.

The game is traditionally played with 3 to 7 players. Online, it is possible to play with just yourself and the dealer.

Introducing poker

No online casino is complete without poker. Another card game deemed a classic, poker is something that comes in both formats and different variants. The games found with the category of Video Poker, are different in such a unique way, that it takes the game of poker away from the table and places it into a slot-type machine. Next to blackjack online, poker is the second most popular card game in casinos online.

Keen players can also join online tournaments of poker and play with other fans from all over the world to compete for some major money.

In poker, there are 10 different hands to win from, it’s a more expansive version of teen Patti, learning the hands is all there is to play. You are dealt 5 cards in this game and the odds of winning against the casino are variable depending on the hand you aim to play but the average is a 1 in 4 chance.

What is a live casino?

We have mentioned a few times the option of live casino entertainment. What is this platform that you can play within? Well, developed by Evolution Gaming in the mid-90s, live casino gaming became a streaming service that allowed players to watch real-time broadcasting of games being playing in a studio.

Players can watch, bet, and communicate with the dealer as the game is played out on real casino equipment. The live casino platform allows users to bet on games of blackjack online, baccarat, live poker, and games like teen Patti live, but also other table games and what are now new game show features.

No online casino can be seen to be the complete package if it is without the live gaming option and it certainly wouldn’t be an Indian casino if there was no real-time teen Patti online also.

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