Blackjack Strategy: Our Guide to Winning Blackjack with FREE Games

blackjack player and cards blackjack player and cards

Welcome to our helpful guide to get you through blackjack online. Whether it’s with luck, blackjack strategy, cheating or divine prayer the fact is blackjack requires time and patience when it comes to making a gambling success of it. With free blackjack games and the right knowledge, you can increase the win rate from the game and avoid fewer bust moves.

Here on our website, we discuss the free blackjack strategy trainer games, offer you links to the blackjack strategy chart and a few of the blackjack basics of how to play the game and what the rules are when you take this game on the head to head in the online environment or if you just play free blackjack for fun.

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Blackjack: Learning the Rules, Blackjack Basics, Charts and Playing Free Online Games to Train on and Win

For beginners who may not know, the goal of blackjack is about hitting 21 from the hands you’re dealt or as close to without going bust and beating the house (opponent, banker or dealer). That pretty much the basic goal the blackjack strategy charts you have within at, will teach you of the options to play depending on your hand. As there are so many blackjack strategy options we will leave this area for the blackjack strategy chart to explain when to stand or hit and to teach you on the decisions of making splits from the pairs or double down moves.

With the blackjack strategy chart, you can play free games alongside them to enhance the learning process of blackjack when to hit or not etc. So If you’re now confused as to what all these terms are let us now look at the moves a player can make, don’t worry it’s nothing advanced, just simple splitting and knowing the value of the possible hands, let’s take a look.

Strategies: Know when to Double Down in Blackjack When to Hit and when you should Surrender in the Game

Without knowing the variations of play you may face a winning hand and not realize a move you could make. The decision is key and making those right ones means either big wins or losses.

Blackjack strategy moves:

Surrendering is a strategy for keeping your cash flow alive. It’s positive rather than negative. If you have a soft hand which is basically a bad hand, you can keep half of your stake by making a surrender, beats going bust.

Splitting is performed with two identical values of the card. By splitting you are effectively creating two new pairs and in the process of doing so, your initial bet must be placed for each new pair split. As you hit for more cards from the deck your bet climbs for each card.

Double down is another option to have more cards added to the first two. Each new card costs the same wager value as your first place. You stand once you have hit 21 or close to.

They're nothing complicated about the blackjack strategy. The rule is never overbet your budget as we learnt ourselves from help over at

Decks: Blackjack Strategy Single Deck, 4 Deck, 6 Deck and Even 8 Deck. Hope you can card count readers

There is no way of knowing how many decks are used otherwise we could elaborate a bit more, this is to cut down on the Blackjack counting strategy that people try and use, which you might be able to learn more from. Counting has been found fruitless with online blackjack strategy, the game details offer no information so winnings have to come the honest way rather than remembering numbers. Remember casinos offer live games where you could ask the dealer how many decks are used.

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